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    sup 2 all,anyone playing sawt 4 ,you know almost like swat3 where we had some great time's. my fav the "monkey gun"!!! man was that fun or what. well ill cyaz Gianm3
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    I am D/L this mod you guy's want to try it ?
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    Teamspeak 2 ?

    Well I hate to bug any one but I really don't like TS 2 , it seams to be really buggy and voice activate sucks ass and I know that all of you don't use it but I do and I hate it so that is why I am putting up this vote
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    at target
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    Here is a armpatch for you COG'ers
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    My PC

    well it is finaly time for me to show of my new rig
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    white trash x-mass

    click here
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    New PC

    well im up and running, not all my fans are up and only 1 CD bay is up, but sunday I will buy 500w of power so maybe then I will be finished. :napplause :napplause
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    Good place to buy RAM on the net?

    Well if anybody has some good site's to buy RAM at, plz help me. I am looking for 512 Mb PC2700 for a good price. need help [COG]
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    THE CEO of COG is back

    Well after 4 days of no power ,i am back maybe with a bit of frostbite but nevertheless I am BACK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    the next microsoft OS
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    knox here is a sample of the Apocalypse Now
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    Cool shit

    check this out and my new e-mail adress is [email protected]
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    Battlefield 1942 should I ?

    As some of you know , I play this game called Battlefield 1942,in the beginning it had some lag issues, but now all of that is in the passed, they came out with a 1.2 patch and let me tell you the lag is gone ,so in the beginning I did not want to recommend it but now I am highly ,so if you...
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    For all you stoners

    This is why all you stoners out there need to switch to Mac. Look at here eye's stoner #2 puff puff [COG]
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    . what?

    if you ever come across a . something and have no clue what it is and would like to know well here is a site just for that.
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    we got the bomb baby!!!!!!

    ok you will first need to go to Raven Shield\sounds folder, make a backup from Foley_Claymore.SB0 and Foley_Claymore.uax and then rename them to Foley_Bomb.SB0 and Foley_Bomb to play the game. here are some pic's me ,gren and the wood . first the bomb then the pilot finally where...
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    My server sucked last night !!!!!!!

    I finally figured out why , I had some viruses.:sad: so on that note her is a good free tool to scan your PC ,ok scan now, then if you have a virus find the name in the encyclopedia and click on it and it will tell you the best way to remove it or it will give you a tool to remove it...
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    funny links
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    on a lighter side or darker

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