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    SWAT4 Release?

    Hi guys! I've been great! Yeah, haven't been online for years now! Not since SWAT3 goes down the drain :flush: But SWAT4 is now back, and I should be back! Hey Lock!!! apparently you haven't changed a bit! LOL Hey Grendel, I'll see if I can find your server. I shouldn't lag that bad...
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    SWAT4 Release?

    hey dude... Hi guys.... SWAT4 is released... any one of you will be playing it? I want to play the multi player again like the good ol' days :)
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    Happy Birthday Error!

    Happy birthday bro! :bday2:
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    Merry X-Mas

    Merry Christmas every one!!!
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    happy birthday sniper

    Yeah.. I've been great. Just having a bit of bad luck last week but it should all be good soon :D How bout your self?
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    happy birthday sniper

    :wave: Happy Birthday bro! :bday2:
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    AOM Titan Expansion pack

    Anyone planning to purchase this expansion pack? Ooops... should've put this message in AOM forum :)
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    Happy Birthday Dragonetti!

    :bday2: :wave: Happy B'day bro! :arty: :jumpers: What now b
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    Chrome or Homeworld 2?

    I'm very bored with all my old games now, and thinking of getting either Homeworld 2 or Chrome. Which one should I get? I read very good reviews on Homeworld 2, and just good reviews on Chrome, so I may choose Homeworld 2, but would like to hear from fellow gamers :rocker: Right now I'm...
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    dude sniper you in

    :jizz: *droooool* :fungu: :jumpers:
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    dude sniper you in

    When will it go R18+ or even XXX? :laugh:
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    Happy Birthday Lock!

    Happy belated Birthday Lock!!!!:bday2:
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    Happy B-Day Wiwi!!!!!

    Hehehe... thanks guys! Yeah, it was good... plenty to eat & drink, minimum gifts :cry: LOL
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    Happy B-Day Scudd!

    :bday2: Happy B'day Scudd!!! :bday2:
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    New Lil Bro (Soon)

    Congratulations Cop! What's his screen name? :)
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    COG Web Server

    Hey Grendel, what's the webserver name again? I lost all the details when I upgraded my PC & Hard Drive :cry:
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    COG Web Server

    Thanks guys for the hint. I'll start looking and snooping around :)
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    COG Web Server

    Hey Grendel, what is the Web Server that the COG web site (and this forum?) is hosted on? Is it a good Web Server? What's the maximum capacity and what's the allowed data transfer? How much is it? Whhoops... hope I don't ask too many questions hehehe... you can always directed me to their...
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    w00t! 18!

    Happy B'day Bro! Welcome to the wonderful world of adult(ery) :syke: :rofl:
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    RUNDLL troubles

    I don't know exactly what they are, but I do know they are an essential part to your windows os. if they crashed, then good chance that your windows will eventually die. Might be a good idea to re-install windows (not clean install), but if it doesn't fix the problem, then you will have to do a...
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