Blue Text on the State of the Warrior

For any of you warriors out there, or those like me that someday plan on making a warrior, here's a great read on the WoW forums. It is a thread started by players listing the concerns of the warrior class. Some 400+ posts into the thread, they finally got a dev to chime in to explain the dev team's position on the whole warrior class. Definately a must read if you play or plan on playing a warrior.


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I must be even more blind than I thought I was. I don't see alot of love coming for the warrior and most of what they dev responded to is not going to be addressed as it should. :giveup:


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Hmm, I guess I must need some more eye needlin' myself, because I don't see much being addressed in there either...except Thunderclap, which admittedly "needs some love."

Here I thought it was going to be something other than your average "everything is fine, you all need to shut the hell up and keep sending money dev posts." :syke:
Lol, you can get that on ts.

Lvl 9 is mighty fine [COG]
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