Dr. Sanguinary


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Well I made the good Dr. into a bio engineer again so I could make the medical components and what not. I'm not seeing any stim E's that can be made by a bio, but I am going to get some D's together here soon. I've started a batch of liquid suspensions that I'll need to make the final product.

Would you mind if I put a vendor back into your cantina again Ethakk? I wouldn't mind selling some stuff again as well. Gather resources, etc., etc. I had to give up alot of merchant to get master bio, but oh well.


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I dropped a guildhall last night for the purpose of a mall for whoever has or wishes to sell out of it, if you wanna drop a vendor in there I will add you to the list...


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I was thinking of giving the cantina over to Hama or something, nobody uses it for anything, and a good chunk of my storage space is taken up with tables and such.
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