PLEASE explain to me why the hell we are in this God damn MI guild?
Uh Oh. What happened?
im just really sick and tired of the way these 'guild leaders' talk about getting ready for MC yet never help anyone with jack shit

apparently its a 'pvp' guild and they can't trouble themselves to leave pvp long enough to help people and yet talk about the need for helping

they are basicly saying do as i say not as i do cause i'd rather pvp than help the guild of people i expect to follow me and remain loyal

and god forbid you do something that looks unloyal cause they boot you and tell all the main guilds your not a team player

Rapture please tell me when i can just go back to being alone in Clandestine Ops
I Agree...

Yes, the leadership of MI is completly self-centered. There are people in the guild that are total a-holes and should just take a hint and leave. I have no problem leaving MI and if you feel the same way then I suggest you do before it is harder to do so, trust me I'd probably follow in doing so. MY biggest beef with the guild is, how in it's infancy, it apparently recruited anyone level 60 that could type 2 words. In the end it's all about being happy while you play and knowing when it's more adequate to leave. :cheers:
When Dragonetti first posted about leaving the guild I had prepared a long post about guild loyalty, yackity, smackity, bla, bla, bla. Then before I hit submit I thought to myself that it isn't about loyalty to a tag, it's about loyalty to the people you play with. I guess I knew that I wasn't really going to be playing WoW anymore - due to events it just wasn't fun anymore. But, if the choice was between losing some good friends (Dragonetti, Hama, Rapture) over some B.S. or going with them then I would go with them - even if it was merely a show of support.

I am sorry that everyone is not completely happy where they are but the way I see it, you won't be happy as long as you are playing with people you really don't know. You can't put strangers together and expect them to get along. You are always going to have the know-it-all's, the 'leadership' demanding respect & obedience from their subordinates or those that just use you to get what they want/need. If this can occur among a group of friends then it is many times more likely to occur in a group of strangers. I know that things just aren't the same in WoW but to me they feel like the good old days in SWG. Shoot, even Lockbaka logged on to SWG yesterday!


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Just sign yourselves back into the COG guild tag with one of your alternates. You can still play with them with a different tag I would assume unless they're real assholes lol.
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