Free 15 Days

For those that already have accounts, you get a free 15 days.

Im messing around in SWG right now, even though my graphics card sucks and its all glitched.
Are Hama and Rapture still dancing in the Arca|)ia Cantina?
I have no idea.. no one I knew was on when I got on.. I was.. alone..

I could use some cash though lol.. when I decided not to ever come back.. I put all my cash into my medium naboo.. Which now has 237 or so days left. I think they got rid of house maint though.. so yeah.. those bastards.

Corse my video card sucks.. so I cant really leave Arcadia without lagging to death.


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Hama and Rapture don't dance anywhere, there is no mind nor battle fatigue, so dancers are useless.........

Doesn't really matter anyway, all SOE is doing now is turning every server into a test server.
So what exactly is going to happen with that game? It sounds like it's close to dead.


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They've all but admitted that they are just beta testing with the folks (90,000 - 115,000 active accounts as of November) who remained they are "testing future ideas."
So does that mean that they don't have to pay anymore? I would say that I will pay in the future once I found their ideas to my liking.
No.. of course you have to pay.. you think SOE are that nice?
BTW.. Theed is over run with Rebels now.. fun.. isnt it..

So eh.. how do I leave the empire? lol.
Oh.. and if anyone has any credits or resources or anything they dont need. Ill take them off your hands.


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The gist of what they've sort of "admitted" is why try and get Capital ships for SWG, when they can work on Capital ships for SWG II, same for a bunch of other stuff, as far as I can figure, all they're trying ot do now is find a combat/quest ground system that little kids won't bitch about.
Oh.. and BTW.. Its 2 chars per server now on live. I think its 8 chars total between all servers.

If no one is planning on playing again.. I could use what ever resources you have/dont need.. and maybe some credits.
That would require that we reactivate an account to get you those resources!
Not really.. My account was cancelled Oct. 2004, im playing on the free 15 days for all previous users. Its like a trial to get older members to come back.

All I did was log in and boom.. my account is active untill the 18th.
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