I miss you too darlin =)

im not sure what to suggest you do in the game it depends on what your play style is

if you like to be upfront in the action tanking and bashing you should be a pally like Lock Grend Rapture or Marvin or a warrior like Dragonetti Mandarr or Ethakk

if you like dealing damage and running around maybe try a rogue like Error or a Hunter like a few of us have ( Go Bows!!)

if you like standing back dealing damage and area attacks Mage or Warlock like Point

Then there's lonely lil me the only Priest i stand back keep everyone healed and safe , praying i dont get aggro lol

but they do a wonderful job of keeping me safe so i have loved Priest from the beginning

Im sure there is more to each prof but that is a very general break down to start to give you an idea.

Hope that helped darlin and HURRY!!!!!!
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