Iowa vs. Penn State

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Hey Error, what are your thoughts on this game for tonight? Obviously I'll be rooting for and hoping Iowa can pull out another victory over these guys, but I think it'll be close. As long as Stanzi can keep from tossing the ball to them and they all don't get flustered from the crowd noise, I think they'll have a good chance.

A lot of people on that site you go to are crying about it being on tv instead of the VT/Miami game lol. Crying about Iowa being unranked and what not. Is it Iowa's fault we can't win the popularity contest after winning our first 3 games? lol. Some Iowa fans think if Iowa even loses they'll be ranked higher again, but I don't see how that would be possible. If they win I can see Iowa getting back into the top 25 or even the top 20 though if rankings are correct.

There was one thread even where it turned into an Iowa vs. Nebraska flame war lol. I think Iowa would give Nebraska a good, close game if they were to play this year myself. As long as Stanzi didn't turn it over that is lol. That's the key to all their victories last year and so far this year. If he turns it over too much and Iowa can't win the turnover battle with their defense, then they lose a close game. Last year they lost 4 games by a combined total of 12 ponts, or was it only 9? I don't remember, my memory sucks.

All those games they lost they could've won except for the turnovers that cost them the games. And last year they didn't even have to play Ohio State or Michigan damnit. This year they'll have to beat all the big dogs of the Big 10. :( In THEIR stadiums no less, except for Michigan. And you know how they can always pull the win out of their ass at the last second. Have to play those stupid fucks from Wisconsin too lol. And you know they'll use Wisconsin math to try to get the edge. :rofl:

Hey! The San Francisco vs Minnesota game will be on FOX on Sunday here too! I'm excited for this weekend now! Frank Gore baby!!! All they'll have to do is shut down Petersen and make Favre throw them the ball. Interception City!!! Mwuhahaha!!! :cheers:
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