Just for shit's and giggles...

I reactivated my SWG account and I had a Jedi!!!!!!!

you know me so well

man....i dont know where i could wear that though without being asked to cyber every second i was wearing it

think it comes in my size?
Oh it's one-size fits all. It's made from a same space-aged material developed by NASA - not the memory foam used in the Tempur-Pedic mattress, but a different space-aged material. This material is what allows the Composite Helmet to streeeetttttch over the huge dome of a Mon Calamari but also allows that same helmet to snap back into shape and be able to fit a human. This is a very useful feature to have. For example, let's say you were doing the Correllian Corvette and you look to your right and notice that your friend is missing 3 pieces of armor. You can lend him your spare and hopefully be able to live a few seconds longer! This material has a luxurious feel, it breathes like cotton, is stain resistant, and....ummm I think I've said too much. Nevermind.

It will fit [COG]
Is it ribbed for her pleasure? oO

I mean.. it has a luxurious feel, it breathes like cotton, its stain resistant, all ya need now is for it to be ribbed for her pleasure and you got the perfect suites.. I bet all the trekies would buy em up like a fat kid buys twinkies.. well.. the fat kids parents anyways.
/backs away slowly

you know on second thought i dont think its really me

and ya'll.....ya'll need some serious profesional help

/run screaming
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