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Just wanted to introduce myself... ok here it goes...

Introducing Jeremy Elliott, playing the part of "J-Dog"
Jeremy hails from Evansville, Indiana; he's married to a hot chick, Carrie. He currently doesn't have any kids that he knows of anyway, but he does have 2 dogs, Deogee the Lab and Nika the Siberian Huskey. He also has to cats, Tiger and Tigger. He loves Long walks on the beach, a casual drink and of course, pluggin' folks in the head with a 7.62mm round.

Jeremy is a 32 year old web designer (kinda), web administrator, ex-cop with absolutely no concept of time. He currently is a service manager with a new car dealership in Evansville, "Evansville Chrysler, Kia, Mazda, Volvo".

He currently connects to the internet via a coat hanger, toaster and a really long rubber band and reaches speeds of 768kb up and 3MB down. That may be useless to some, but helpful to nobody.

He has found a new true love of "Rainbow 6- Raven Shield" and plays for hours at a time.

Have you any idea how hard it is to type in the third person???

Seriously, I'm glad I found this spot on the web; I hope to get a chance to go "huntin" with ya on Raven Shield soon!

Welcome man. Since that was your first post (and I am talking to you on TS), I won't beat you up too bad about the spelling and grammar! Had fun playing RS with ya so far, well minus one slug to the back... Enjoy the forums man.

Note: J-Dog just corrected all of his spelling to take the fun out of my post. Looks like he missed one...

Originally posted by J-Dog
He also has to cats, Tiger and Tigger.

To=Two [COG]
Welcome to the forum J! Glad to have met you - had some fun games, and anyone that shoots Scudd in the back is a friend of mine!
Originally posted by Scuddman
...I won't beat you up too bad about the spelling and grammar...

Ha! He means he won't beat you up too bad YET!

Welcome to our home away from home J.


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Welcome to our humble palace on the net!

Surely we all all glad you feel comfy here...
I'm usually on after 5:45pm Monday-Friday CST until about 10pm. Weekends on most of the time...

See you then!
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