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Hello my name is Nost. I'm 30 years old and am looking for a Raven Shield squad to join. If you can get back to me that would be great my icq # is 93610962.

Thank you

Heh, one thing that would hurt is to kick it with COG, if you got TeamSpeak2RC2, then get on our server now and then, we gotta get to know ya, heh, back to gaming for me....


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Hey man, nice to see you have some interest in us. Yes, we are a squad, but no, we are not a clan. We do play RvS every so often, but, as with any other game, the demo seemed to drop to the bottom of the list of games we play. I'm sure that will all change this week with the release of the full game though. I just thaught you should know that while we do play RvS, we are not strictly an RvS squad. (I personaly plan to play a whole hell of a lot of it though!) We play many other games, and it is not uncommon for us to drop a game like it is tommorrow's news and pick up another game. (I just don't want to see someone join just to play RvS, and then get upset or feel left out when we stop playing it.)

With that said, go read the other 3 posts in this section of the forums. You might also want to check out the rest of the site if you haven't allready done so. If you're looking for some people to game with, check us out on Teamspeak 2 (RC2) at teamspeak.cogops.no-ip.com.

Hope to see you around!
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