New COG Ops SWG Leader!?

Someone ran for leader, and won, and now I am no longer a member.. I was kicked out.

The guild hall is now the Guild hall for Deadly Intentions.

If you guys still own the account that owns that building, you should log in with the free 15 days (dont have to resub, just log in) and take it down.

Just eh.. leave the city hall up oO.


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How the hell could someone else just take over the guildhall? that was under my jedi's account and it's paid up for quite some time yet I would imagine. If they gave away the guildhall to some other group with all my paintings, etc. in there I would be very displeased to say the least. It would be alot like what happend in Ultima Online to myself and Marvin. If there's a free 15 day thing again perhaps I'll reinstall long enough to check it out.


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Besides, there's no way anyone could've got inside that guildhall since I had it set on private setting only, wtf is going on here?
Some how someone won the guild leader election, then took everything over.

Here are some images of the only guild hall behind city hall.. minus all the stuff that used to be inbetween. (Click image for larger view).

Next to the City Hall looking at Guild Hall.

Looking at Guild Hall with Guild name Highlighted

Looking at City hall from side of Guild Hall.
Lol, that's some funny shit.


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So our guildhall is gone then? wtf is up with that?! I had maintenance paid up on that son of a bitch for a good 6 months and had plenty of money in the bank to keep it going. First they don't give me an Imperial banner and now they take away my entire art collection, etc. ?!?! Those fuckers can suck my dick!!
Lol! Mandarr the barbarian is back!
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