new stuff =)

yay!! i fixed it!! woot
lol.. hey hama.. did you know you can modify posts?

BTW.. sweet artwork ma'am.
That's amazing. You've got skills Hama.
"There's like a boat load of gangs in this school. This one gang kept wanting me to join because I'm pretty good with a bo-staff..."

I have always been amazed when anyone can create artwork like that. I guess that portion of my brain was either killed off during a college keg-stand, or just never developed. You should see my Excel spreadsheet formatting though. An artistic beauty only shared by few...

well since we're all sharing...... here's a little something something i did, scudd may have excel but kp's got paint, microsoft paint that is...
Finger tumors are a serious healthcare issue that affect people across the world each day Lock. It's not funny to make fun of those that are less fortunate...



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LOL @ finger tumors!

Hey Hama you seriously should send in some of your artwork to Blizzard and have them post it on their website.

Folks at Sci Fi conventions would probably buy your stuff up pretty fast as well I bet.
Although Six said no price was high enough, we offered him a 12 pack of his favorite beer, a french maid, a new recliner and a big screen TV and he turned you over faster than a grasshopper on its backside...
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