Oheld Tatooine Wooly Hide 110cpu

Laz is paying 110cpu for this stuff. I thought you guys might be interested in hunting some of it down, since it seemed like you guys jumped on the carnivore meat for this other guy for a lower cpu.

If you guys want to harvest this stuff, you can offer it up to my VIP vendor at 110cpu and I will pass it on the next time I make a delivery to him. I haven't confirmed this, but I am sure he would also make a nice suit of armor for whomever contributes to the stack.

Don't forget that I have that Veghash stuff that contributes to creature harvesting. I am going to figure out a way to make the food available to you guys without the risk of someone purchasing it tonight.



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Son of a Monkey! I need to check the forums more often, I just sold some yesterday for half that :swear:

I rescind the above statement, the dumb mofo hadn't bought it all yet WOOOOOOO! :arty:
We may want to save some of this stuff for Leo Tard.


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Good idea Grendel. I'll try to get as much as I can here for awhile today and I'll split it 50/50 heh.
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