Smuggler - New Slicing Changes!

A "salvage" option now exists on weapon and armor upgrade kits. Using this option will replace the kit with a random component used in the new slicing system. The "cut blue/red wire" element has been removed from weapon and armor slicing.

While slices to weapon and armor will always succeed, each slice will add a small amount of customization points to the sliced object. Any piece of weaponry or armor may have up to a total of 100 points worth of slices. The better a slice is, the more points it adds to the item until it reaches 100 points.

Each item (weapons/armor) will have a set of customization categories. Each category will require a number of slices of increasing value in order to get the full value of the category. These slices must be applied in order. For example, a weapon will have a category called "Increase Firing Rate" which has a maximum of 4 slices, each of increasing quality. Each of these slices then has a cost and results in an increase in firing rate.

Here is a list of the new slices:


  • Increase Firing Rate
  • Enhanced Damage
  • Increased Critical Hit Chance

  • Enhanced Resilience
  • Impact Deflections
  • Hardening (Crit save chance)
  • Armor Break Defense


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I think this is a cool system, if there is a noticable difference between master and the slicing tree.
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