Vendor: Drop Off

Hama, I am gonna start gathering again so if you are not using my harv's or fusion gen ATM can you please offer them up to the vendor in my Med Naboo house next door to Raptures? If you are still using them not a prob. Thanks.
Damn.. if only I had a game card and the Total Expansion.. I could give you some of my 13s or what ever since I obviously cant use em right now... *Sigh* So hard to chose.. game card and total expansion.. or 1GB of ram.. *sigh* guess ill make the decision on the spot when I get the cash.

Grendel.. I think you might be admin on my house.. so you can rummage through it looking for em if you want man. The big house anyways.. might be in the basement.. but dont remember.
Thanks Copper, I will take a look.
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