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Let me just say for a second, "WOW!". This is sounding real fun! Here is a review I read this morning on the current game since it's still being put together. This review made me very interested to say the least.

In that review they talked about a website that has a database for quite a bit of stuff that's currently in WoW or what is to come at least. It looks to be very informative and you can see what spells there are, weapons, armor, etc.!

I see there is a great deal of interest in this game currently with the group and I hope the others who have not yet given the game much thought check out this information and see for yourselves. I love Star Wars and all, but the developers or at least whoever makes the desicions for the design of SWG have me very disapointed in their abillities to make that game what it should be.

Once WoW is released I'm sure I'll be headed that way myself now. Even though the graphics look very cartoonish and strange, just the way this game is being put together and the content that will be in the game is enough for me to give it a try at least.

At that time I'm sad to say I will more than likely be either selling Mandarr and Morbus if possible or just killing Mandarr, Morbus and Monsarac from the world of SWG all together. Sure I will miss some of the stuff I'd achieved and worked for in that game much like I did when I left Ultima Online. But that happens with all mmorpg's after awhile I'm sorry to say.

Unless the people who put the game together can keep adding new content and items to the game at a decent rate much like they do with the existing Everquest. They will not be able to keep their playerbase happy forever.

I expected so much more from SOE for SWG since they'd made such a great success of Everquest and I'm very disapointed they didn't put the same efforts into SWG. I can only hope that if ever grant the Star Wars license to another company to develop another mmorpg, that it will be what we'd all wished this would've been and a whole lot more.

Again, I'm not gone yet of course as WoW won't be hitting any store shelves untill Nov. at the earliest. But once it does, I'll be moving on and I hope to see some of ya there beside me adventuring the new worlds.

Even if you're not interested in WoW and want to continue playing SWG, there's nothing wrong with that at all and I'd surely hope you would'nt be angry with me for bailing out of the sinking ship that game is in. I'll still be on teamspeak all the time shooting the shit and trying to make ya'll laugh so it's not like I'd be gone for good.

Besides, ya'll know we play other games that we'd all be playing together again anyway lol! I could use a new real time strategy game of some sort to play even. RON is fun and all, but I like new stuff to play and see lol.

Welp, I've turned this post into another one of my epic posts so I think I'll stop now. I guess I'm like the Kevin Costner of forum posting huh? The story just seems to go on and on forever like an epic adventure into the unkown spaces of Mandarr's brain that even he hasn't been to before.

Much like Tigoki's favortie Captain James T. Kirk's voyages into space where no man has gone before. TJ Hooker was a hero of the Federation of Planets for God's sake! And a damn fine police officer who had a very excellent supporting cast. IE Heather Locklear lol. :)

You probably thought I was going to end this epic story with the typical, "The End", but that's not possible. I must keep this story open for further sequals.....:troy:
I dont know if it was due to the fact that I was on the Beta server and not PvP server.. but I must say.. this game is a lil..... gay.. Comparing this to L2... L2 would win in a heart beat. Graphics seem to kidish to me.. and the fighting.. so far I dont really care for it.. but then again.. iv been playing less then 30 minutes.. but ya.. it seems addicitve.. or maybe im just overly bored.


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It's kinda hard to compare a game that has been released and a game that is still in beta testing, even SWG in it's current state would be better than any beta out there...
Actually.. I never played L2 retail.. I only played L2 Beta.. so im comparing what the L2 beta was like.. to WoW beta..
To avoid the practice of “kill stealing” by which players with poor sportsmanship wait for another player to mortally wound a monster and then jump out of their hiding spot and land the finishing blow so that they can loot the monster and gain the experience bonus with minimum risk to their own lives, once a monster is attacked by a player it is considered “tapped.” This means that if any other player – or NPC, for that matter – finishes off the tapped creature, the player who initially attacked it still gets the experience and looting rights. So that players can’t tap entire areas of creatures and get all the benefits of killing them without doing any of the work, creatures become un-tapped after a certain period of time. There is never any confusion about whether or not a monster is tapped, because the dialog brought up when it is targeted will be colored grey, thus announcing to any nearby players that it is tapped and not fair game.
I love this idea.


When players want help with whatever they’re doing or if they just want someone to talk to as they kill monsters, they have the option of forming a group with other players. Groups can have up to five members. When players in a group kill monsters, the experience they would gain is divided among the members of the group, so that if I were in a group of four and killed a monster that would grant me 200 experience, each of us would gain roughly 50 experience points. I say “roughly” because the experience total is affected by the levels of group members. There are three methods of divvying up loot in groups: Master Looter, which I never used so I can’t really talk about it; Round Robin, which is the default and lets players each have a turn when looting corpses (group member 1 gets the first corpse, group member 2 gets the second, and so on); and Free For All, in which anyone can loot any corpse. Each group has a group leader who is clearly indicated by a little crown in the top right of his character portrait. The group leader has the ability to change the looting system and invite/kick group members. Groups are only really necessary in instanced dungeons, which I’ll talk about now.
Sounds cool, but I'm not too sure how much I like the idea of only 5 people in a group.


Back in the days of Everquest, the best way to get great items was to “camp” boss creatures for them. This posed a bit of a problem to people who needed to kill the boss creatures for a quest or some similar purpose, however, because that meant that at any given time there would probably be at least two groups of people besides your own trying to successfully kill the boss creature and take his stuff. That sucked, and the designers at Blizzard know it did, so they decided to locate their bosses in instanced dungeons. When you and your group of adventurers enter an instanced dungeon, you’re all teleported into your own little version of that dungeon, with no outside influences helping or hindering your slaughter of the monsters inside.

The monsters in instanced dungeons are often “elite” – these creatures have a “+” sign by their level when targeted. Elite creatures have three times the health points of normal creatures their level, drop better items when killed, and give you more experience. Blizzard has stated that elite monsters should be impossible to efficiently kill solo, meaning that while it might be possible for you to kill one by yourself you’d have a much easier time killing several creatures your level, and you’d gain more experience while doing it. Instances are not, for the most part, easy.

Instances can last anywhere from one hour to, I’m told, eight; the eight-hour figure was just a rumor, however, and I cannot confirm it. My first instance was at level 18 or so and lasted about two and a half to three hours. In instances, just as there’s nobody nearby to ask for help, there is also a pronounced lack of people camping the creature you need to kill. This is extremely important in World of Warcraft because not only do the bosses at the end of instances drop the best stuff, they’re also usually part of a quest. If you’re in a group and your group kills a boss creature that drops an item for a quest, everyone in the group is allowed to loot that item – in effect, one monster can drop up to five quest items if he’s the only monster that drops that certain item. He does not, however, drop multiple copies of whatever non-quest items he may have.
Basically like the corvette, I think this is also a great idea.


One of the great things about World of Warcraft is that the game puts a strong emphasis on quest-based leveling. This is, in short, really awesome. In most other MMORPGs, quests are few and far between and on top of that have really unsatisfactory experience rewards; if players want to level up at a reasonable rate, their only real option is to kill lots of monsters over and over again. In World of Warcraft, however, I usually had about ten to fifteen quests active at any given time and about one third of my experience gained each level came solely from turning in quests. You do spend a good deal of time killing monsters, but you’re doing so for a purpose and you usually get a nice weapon or piece of armor at the end to go along with your hefty experience reward.
Sounds like leveling up will have less of a grinding feeling than SWG.

Inter-faction relations / PvP

In the game, there are two main factions: the Horde and the Alliance. Horde and Alliance members do not interact much. You can’t trade, group, or be a member of a guild with members from another faction. You cannot learn how to ride another faction’s mount without exploiting bugs that will be fixed by release. With the exception of the Undead race (which can speak and understand Common, the main Alliance language), Horde members cannot speak with Alliance members. The only real way to interact with members of your opposing faction is to fight them. On normal servers, the only way to do this is to challenge them to a duel in which the loser is not killed, but drained of health. Players can also mark themselves fair game for attacks by anyone for five minutes by typing “/pvp” or attacking one of the opposing faction’s NPCs. In order to prevent high-level Horde members from killing all the players and NPCs in low-level Alliance areas, NPCs in major cities and low-level areas automatically spawn a set number of high-level guards to attack enemy players when opposing faction members are sighted. This doesn’t make such attacks impossible, but it does strongly discourage them. I can’t really speak for the situation on PvP servers, as I never played on the Player vs. Player server myself and I’m told that the system isn’t finished yet.
We better make sure we are all on the same side, else we won't be able to play together. I vote for the Alliance side.


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Yeah I'm going to the alliance for sure, I want to be a night elf...


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I had read somewhere that groups of 5 can group with other groups to form Super Groups. Where guilds can do quests, etc. together.

I think most would prefer the alliance myself for this game since the characters aren't as goofy looking for that side. I'm leaning towards a Rouge Dwarf myself with some Mining and First Aid skills perhaps. Pick pocketing sounds fun! hehe! It sure would be cool if someone made a character builder site for that game as well lol.

Those Druids are pretty cool as well with their shapeshifting and they can give the best buffs in the game. Actually all of the classes have there high and low points and if we are allowed to have more than one character per server I could see myself trying all of the classes eventually.
Originally posted by Mandarr
...I'm leaning towards a Rouge Dwarf myself with some Mining and First Aid skills perhaps....

Is that like a Dwarf that dances at the Moulon Rouge?

Or is that a Rogue Dwarf?



But Never fear Hama....I did a search on your Ultima Name and it is not taken..../grin

:wave: HamaDarling Lives!!! :wave:
ya.. I love L2.. kinda boring when your the only one on the server though *sigh* o well.. aint like my connection could handle that many people.
I wanna play too :(

I may not like the game and not buy it if I can't see it ahead of time lol


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I said in an earlier post that I would start out as a night elf priest which I will now pull as an option. Both the class and the species are cool but I'm gonna go with human warrior when the game is released. If we are allowed multiple accounts per server than I will most likely have a night elf priest but I'm gonna go human to start off with.

I was gonna do pally but I decided to hold back from that. Pally is cool and gets alot of neat stuff like being able to summon a armored warhorse, lay on hands which is a life saver, divine protection and alot of auras/seals that can keep you and your group alive. A pally can also heal and resurect so it's a very nice class to play no doubt but it isnt for me. They dont get too many comabt options outside of being an undead specific holy fighter, holy strike is very nice and crusader strike make the 2 a nice combo but thats about all you get short of all the undead tools.

A pally dosent suck, it's a cool and fun profression to play and once you get to a certain level you have the tools to stay alive in the roughest of battles. What I dont like is that fact that your combat options are limited to basicallt two moves which have a cooldown timer so alot of your blows are from the default attack (kinda like hit-wait-hit-wait-holy strike-crusader strike-wait-hit-wait-hit-wait-hit-wait-hit-wait-divine protection-heal-hit-wait and finally a holy strike is ready again). Not that anything is wrong with that because you are a pretty powerful melee fighter but I'd like to have some more options avaliable.

When our servers were down one day I created a troll warrior and it seemed alot like a pally minus the healing and you are reguired to fight in order to build up rage and use specials. The thing that had me looking towards pally was the ability to heal so I went that route. After playing pally and fighting along side plenty of warriors I noticed that they hold up better than my guy even with out healing so I figured I would give warrior a crack instead..

I sure would like the ability to give myself and the group the seal and aura benefits that come with a pally,heal and resurect players or even summon my own custom warhorse but I think I will pass that off for a fighter with more combat options...

So when the game is released I will take up my spot as a human warrior...


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I still plan to play a Dwarf Rogue as my main character, but I as well will create multiple characters to use for certain group situations. If they allow us to have multiple characters which I'm sure they will.

I'd like to try out a warrior for tanking, a mage or warlock for extra magic if needed for a group and perhaps I'll even try a druid and paladin lol. It's fun to play the druid and turn yourself into animals to fight with lol. When in animal form it requires you to fight to get rage as well in order to use your specials.

But if alot of ya'll join in on that game and play different classes I'll no doubt play a rogue most of the time. They aren't tanks for sure, but they do have some abilities to strategicaly take out groups of mobs.

There's nothing wrong with starting over after awhile if you'd rather try another character anyway. I did it a shit load of times in swg lol.

All I know is I'm jonsing hardcore right now to get back into that game lol. Hopefully it'll be released within the next month or two.
I no doubt plan on making a human or dwarf warrior and a gnome or human (leaning towards gnome) warlock. I think at this point in time, I am leaning towards the gnome warlock to be my original/main character.

I plan on taking up either mining/blacksmithing with him or skinning/tailoring with him as my major source of income. That will enable to me either make weapons, which I plan to supply COGers with as well as sell, or cloth armor, which I also plan to sell and give to fellow COGers, but will also need for myself.

I think it will be in COG's best interest if we have a wide variety of not only the various classes, but the various trade crafts as well. For this reason, I am willing to wait and see what everyone else wants to do to make up my mind. If someone else wants to do tailor (I think Hama mentioned that she did) then I'll do BS. If someone wants to do BS and nobody wants to be a tailor, I'll do tailor.

I'll just have to wait and see what everyone else plans on doing, but I want to pick one specific trade craft, and work on getting to the top of that craft, rather than dabble in all of them to see what I really enjoy. I think that will get me a step or two ahead of the masses and hopefully make public demand for my goods higher.
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