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Well multiple blacksmiths will most likely be needed considering you branch off in to weaponsmith or armorsmith, I dont think both are possible to specialize in. I'm kind of torn between the 2 at the moment so I'm not sure whether it will be weapons or armor. I would say armor grabbed my intrest more than weapons since the warrior class is highly dependent on armor. I wouldnt say it's easy to come aross bad ass weapons but you do get some nice weapons in your journey, a set of good armor on the other hand takes some effort and luck...

I dont think we will have a problem with the classes, there arent alot of classes to choose from so we will most likely have a mixture of all. The trade skills on the other hand will be different, each one has it's own value but multiple people doing the same thing wont benefit us like spreading out would...
If you want to do AS, go ahead. I was leaning towards WS anyways.


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I'll probably be doing herbalist/alchemist for my Rogue's stuff he'll need. While I may be able to aquire enough stuff to supply us with, I'm not sure I'll be selling it to the public. I think Scuddman had mentioned he was interested in some of that stuff as well and that's very cool, cause it takes awhile to find the stuff needed to make good stuff hehe.

I would probably do some mining/skining with another character though just as a way to supply folks with materials. I of course will be selling that stuff to the public for a lower rate than what the other fools will be charging. And will also of course supply us with what we need for our personal use as well.

I know the first thing I plan to do is start saving some credits for the guild charter and then some gold will be needed for the crest. A tabard will cost another 1 gold as well, but it'll look cool as hell if we all have them within the first week or something lol.
im interested in being a tailor

not sure what it will intail but seeing as how i am always wanting/collecting clothes it seems logical to me lol
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