Most anticipated? Hmm, I'd like to get a recount lmao. Looks like I have some persuading to do.

 < start hypnotic spell >
< end hypnotic spell >
SWAT3: Huh?

where r yall getting these stats!!! dang i hate my family....i told them to stop posting
SWAT3: Huh?

There used to be polls on the site's main/news page.
SWAT3: Huh?

truthly i belive sierra should release the damn demo of uj just to keep the swat community intrested but raven shield will be far more better unless sierra can integrate some of the things from raven shield into uj.

not only at least raven has a set date sierras not going to be cashing to big on uj cause of lack of information.

thats something they have done wrong along with the many others but oh well we shall see when it hits the stores (if it hits the stores)
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