I got it... I got it... I got it.... WOOHOOOOOO!!!

Can't wait to play online with you guys this Saturday!
Sweet bro! Have you ever played any of the older "Rainbow 6 series" games? If you have... then this should just be like riding a bike for you! Hope to see your Laggy name-tag in the stack really soon!

Man Down [COG]


Hey Wiwi - you know how you are always the one that seems to get TK'd by everyone? Well in this game you can penalize the person that TK's you and make them sit out the next round.
How do you penalise a person who TK'd me?

Oh and I have all rainbow six series... except covert ops :sad:


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As long as the server has that option on, it will give you a command prompt after being TK'd asking whether you'd like to penalize the person or not. I know this because Marv sometimes fails to identify us correctly before opening fire. :) "I'm coming through the other door Marv." "Ok".............Bam! "On no!" :rofl:


LMAO! That was some fuuuuunny shit man.
Mandarr: Hey Marvin, I'm coming through the door, watch your fire.

Marvin: Roger that.

Mandarr: Hey man, here I come watch out.

Marvin: Roger that. Click, click, BOOM!

Mandarr: WTF dude, I told you I was coming through the door.

Marvin: You said you were coming through "A" door but I didn't know you meant the one in front of me.

Mandarr: Well didn't you [email protected]#@ING see me on the map?

Marvin: Huh?
The game finally reached New Zealand last week, it's sitting in some warehouse but we are still not allowed to have it. :syke:
This is because the tosser's who distribute the game in NZ only just figured out that they needed to submit it for classification! :blockhead
Thats means another 2-3 weeks wait, so I wont be "gearing up" any time soon. :sad:
LMAO!!! Poor Mandarr... time to get it on 5 finger discount, spent more money on my AirSoft gun, POS BBG... ill get it sooner or later though... before we move on anyways.....
LMAO @ the COG transcript!

Is the east base clear?... No, we are at the east base... Roger that, bombing the east base! [COG]
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