Join COG!

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-- COG IS NOT a clan, we are a brotherhood. (with 3 sisters)
-- We wear our tags and represent our squad in EVERY game we play. It’s COG all the way or not at all!
-- We have NO ranking system. You will not find a Leader, Co-Leader, Brigadier General, Chief, Captain, CEO or any other useless titles among us.
-- We DO NOT have an official set of rules and there is no official age requirement but maturity is a MUST!
-- New Members are admitted by invitation only.
-- Previous or Current Clan/Squad affiliation does not guarantee admittance into COG.
-- Your skill and knowledge get you NO WHERE if we don't like you.

- TeamSpeak and the COG Forums are the heart & soul of The Clandestine Operations Group – Drop by, get to know us and let us get to know you.
- We vote to determine whether a new member is admitted -- Majority rules so make as many COG friends as you can.
- The membership process may be lengthy since there is no pre-determined time frame.
- If you are serious about becoming a member of the squad then stick around, be patient and participate.
Not open for further replies.