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Well, I did it now. I went back to swg tonight. Going to take till tomorrow morning to download all the updates though lol. Hopefully they give me the Jump to Lightspeed and Wookie expansion since I'd paid for those before I quit last time. They wanted like $30 for the Obi Wan expansion which I saw online I could buy the complete swg experience for $20 according to people on forums. So if I like the game I'll just do that instead.

I had to pay for a month in order for it to install the updates though. Only time will tell if I'll like the NGE game now or not. I was reading there's a beastmaster profession or something that I'd like to try out. I guess it's something like the old creature handler profession. I'll need to read the forums and such first before I go play my old character and possibly max out a profession with him. Hopefully my houses are still there with all my money and stuff. I guess I'll find out lol.

If any of you are considering going back at any time I'd recomend (sp?) buying the complete online adventures so you won't have to reinstall for a day like I'm doing now. Fuck when I put together my new computer in a month here if I'm likeing the game I'll have to reinstall it all over again and that's going to suck.

I know there's no way to get my stormtrooper armor out of the city hall since I wasn't on the list to move stuff around in there (if it's still there that is). So I guess if nothing else I can grind and get that armor again for the fun of it. Maybe another AT-ST as well heh. I don't have my joystick installed right now either so flying will probably suck with the keyboard. I doubt I'll play much of the JTL without a joystick installed. I've got a usb extension for the joystick, but my gamepad wasn't recognized for madden so I'm not sure if my microsoft joystick would be recognized by swg either. I guess I"ll have to try it though sometime.

The more I'm reading about Warhammer online it doesn't sound too shaby anymore. They're supposed to have good crafting in the game I guess so that'll help some. I suck at games though so who knows how I"ll do in the game lol.

Anyway, just thought I'd let ya'll know I'm back in swg if ya'll want to try it again and group up give me a holler on teamspeak sometime if I'm on there.
Mandarr sucks...

Id join you if I wasnt banned, and actually cared to play, but I think they already did the removal of inactive players houses, so id rather not start all over again.

Guess ill call tomarrow and find out why im banned.


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You got banned? I wonder why? Yeah I don't expect to see any of my houses or my paintings that would be worth a 100 million credits by now. I guess I'll find out later if they're there though or not.
Let me know if you see my house still, either of em, I do miss the game, but the majority of it is just kinda, meh now, crafters got the shaft a few times.


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not sure if your house is there or not, I logged in and saw my guildhall home was gone with all my year one paintings in it and other veteran rewards so I logged out and haven't gone back since. I guess I just gave soe another $15 for nothing lol. Oh well life goes on. Perhaps the knights of the old republic mmorpg they possibly are working on will be good? Only time will tell if the rumor is true or not I guess, we can only hope.
As long as its not SOE or LA, it should be good =P

I hear LA had alot to do with the destruction of SWG.
Wewt, got unbanned, gonna go for station access most likely, so if I dont play SWG, ill probably be playing EQ2.
Iv decided to play again, I just cant keep away, they finaly made it so crafters can kill stuff again, my architect is combat level 90. Had to move my houses though, they are just outside of arcadia, if anyone else has an urge to keep playing, let me know.

Edit - July 31st 2007:
Was messing around on TCPrime while the servers were down for publish 6.9, heard a rumor about free char transfer in pub 7, but who knows, Gorath is dead for the most part, Bloodfin is where most of those from Gorath went too.


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let me know if you transfer over to another server, I decided I'd go back in and play a little today and see what it's really like. Even though I don't have any houses anymore or anything. If I can find one I'll buy a Tatooine medium house and build near Mos Espa my original hometown in the game. I'll be on teamspeak later tonight at about 9PM CST. Give me a holler if you're around Cop.


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Well I went in with mandarr' and chose the bounty hunter profession and they just make me a level 80 instead of a level 90? Wtf is up with that? Hell I mastered every profession in the game and then they expect me to level another 10 levels on my own? That's fucked up man! Not only that, but I could've sworn I logged out in Kashyk or whatever that planet is, but I ended up back in arcadia somehow. I don't remember how to open the bank storage either lol. This game is fucked up man, I can't remember how to do jack shit with it lol. I need your assistance to remember how to play again. By the way, I don't seem to have you listed in my friends list in the game for some reason. What was your character's name? I don't remember what it was.
Bwuce Wee is my main, SilentRSX is my alt.

To use the bank storage, just use the `(~) key on the bank, then select "Storage" or what ever its called.

Edit: I canceled my account, will expire Aug 26th.
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