Warrant Officer II Buckeye, Requestiing backup...

Ok, so I'm out on Endor, cleaning out the Orphan Marauder cave. On my way back to the outpost, I hear this BOOM. Right after hearing it, I was ejected from my swoop bike. I said to myself "What the... ?" Out of the sky falls a probot (Those of you who have done BH missions, it's just like when you send the tracker droid out to find the planet your mark is on). It comes over and scans me for contraband. I think to myself, well this is cool, it's the first time I've actually seen a probot scan anyone (I thought it only happened to rebels). It finds nothing on me, and carries on about its duty.

Shortly after, I spot one of those voodoo doll looking things (not the Ewoks, but those other things on Endor). I figured I'd attack some and see if I could get our Jedi friends some color crystals. Upon attacking it, the probot comes back around, and seeing a fellow Imperial under attack, it joins in to help me fight the freaky voodoo doll thing. I think to myself "Ok, cool, the probot is helping me."

Not too long after it engages, the wussy probot runs away like Lock on her way to a sale at the mall. I think, "What a wuss." About 10 seconds after that, one of those Valarien transport shuttles come swooping down, and dropps off a whole platoon of storm troopers, including their CO, an Army Captain. I turned my head to see the shuttle just as it got there. "WHOA!" I said. "That is freakin' awesome!"

The STs file out of the shuttle and form a tight circle around the little freaky voodoo doll guy and proceed to blast the living hell out of him. It was pretty cool. What was also pretty cool was that it seemed that they called for reinforcements, because about a minute or two later, another shuttle swoops down, dropping off more STs. In all, this experiance was the coolest thing I think I've ever experianced in SWG.

Here are some screenies of the event...







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